In Bloom



In Bloom is an ornate star – a geometric sculpture and light installation inspired by the complex forms of stellated polyhedra, a process of constructing new geometries by extending the facial planes of a given polyhedron to form a new figure. The identified form intends to stimulate the viewer, a visual tool for contemplating the underlying mathematical nature and beauty of the universe.


The installation deals with patterns and relationships that derive from Islam’s classical ideals of balance and symmetry – a link to the impact of its rich history of astronomic and mathematical research. The sculpture is lit with LEDs from the inside in order to cast colourful, intricate shadows which highlight the inherent beauty of universal geometric form, symmetry and pattern.  This process brings meaning and spiritual exercise for the viewer and as such, the viewer is more than an observer; he or she is a participant in the establishment of a strong link with geometry symbolising man, nature and cosmos.


In Bloom’s intricate perforations, seen in Islamic patterns, illustrate an endless variety, a representation of the many ways we have derived meaning and connection from geometry and natural wonder and shared it with each other through the arts.




Client: Islamic Arts Festival - Sharjah Events

Category: Installation

Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Date: December 2017 - January 2018

Size: 2mx2mx2m

Materials: Aluminum