Fab Fest is new International Fabrication Festival hosted by the Fabrication Laboratory at the University of Westminster. The festival featured over 50 cardboard pavilions designed and built by students from across the world.


The full pavilion was built from just 30 sheets of 3.8mm 2440x1220mm corrugated cardboard and 10 sheets of 1220x1220mm Correx. Each of the 60 modules was precision cut in to a ‘net’ using the Fabrication Laboratory’s tangential knife and constructed with a series of tabs and cable ties. Inside, an Arduino motion sensor kit was connected to six halogen light bulbs with instruction to brighten when activated- illuminating the pavilion when entered.




Client: London Fabrication Festival

Category: Installation

Location: Ambika P3, London, UK

Date: July 2016

Size: 3.5mx3.5mx3.5m

Materials: Corrugated Cardboard and Correx