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Circle Of Light

Original Commission:

Canary Wharf Summer Lights



Also Exhibited At:

Arc Festival - 2022 - Chicago, USA
Electric Daisy Carnival - 2022 - Las Vegas, USA
Bristol Lights Festival - Mar. 2022 - Bristol, UK


Canary Wharf, London, UK

Circle of Light [Spectrum] is an exploration of the hidden nature of the sun in our natural environment. Inspired by the visible light spectrum, the installation expresses the many colours which make up sunlight A series of coloured panels surround the Cabot Square fountain in an incomplete circle, its extents defined by the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset during the period of the event.

The colours of the spectrum are then mapped out in relation to the sun’s path. From dawn to dusk, the reach of the coloured shadows extend or contract and the definition of the colours become more, or less, defined depending on the angle and intensity of the sun. The installation brings something as ethereal as a rainbow to the Canary Wharf landscape in the tangible form of public art.

The large-scale installation requires distance to appreciate it, but it also invites the audience to come closer as a rainbow of coloured shadows are cast onto the surrounding landscape. As visitors walk by, they pass smoothly through the entire colour spectrum. Whilst stopping to look through a single panel, the landscape transform to appear almost monochromatic, allowing visitors to view the cityscape in a new light.

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