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Original Commission:

The Norfolk Way Art Trail



Also Exhibited At:


Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, UK

Sited in the grounds of the Norwich Arts Centre, the Grade I listed 14th century St Swithins Church, ‘Flint’ is informed by the rich history of Norwich’s beautiful buildings, medieval streets, and vibrant culture. It is formed of a collection of mirrored totems clad with a one-way mirror with a pattern applied to the inside, each housing a single vertical LED tube. Their shapes are inspired by the organic forms of the flint walls, which not only form the Church of St Swithin, but are an inescapable and indelible part of the history and landscape of Norfolk.

During the day, the mirrored surfaces reflect their immediate surroundings, creating a distorted mirror maze for the public to interact with. At night, the lights illuminate, and the mirror surfaces transform into a collection of seemingly endless infinity mirrors. The visible patterns have been derived through workshops with members of the local community and interpreted by local illustrator Ellen Harling.

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